Great Adult Animal Costume

Adult Animal Kimagure Costume – This is a completely unisex costume that is designed with both adult and kids bodies in mind. Kimagure, from Disney’s hit movie Finding Nemo, is a blue alligator fish who loves to celebrate his life by going on picnics with his friends. This Adult Animal Kimagure Costume includes a blue boa constrictor style top, a pink colored belly button, and black fins. You’ll definitely look like a princess on any of these adult animal kigurumi pajamas for adults.

Great Adult Animal Costume
Sleepwear Japanese Kigurumi Cosplay Pajamas – This is another great choice of cute animal onesie Japanese kigurumi costumes for adults. If you’re looking for something to wear to the office with a professional air of casualness but still adorable, then these cute pajamas are perfect for you. They feature an all over body pattern in bright colors such as green Adult Crocodile Onesie Pajamas red, yellow, orange, and blue. These colorful and vibrant one’s pajamas for adults also have a matching belt with a zipper in place of buttons and are machine washable so you can wear them again.

Adult Animal Baby Doll Costume – What cute outfit could ever be complete without a cute little baby doll? The cutest little baby doll dolls are made by Japanese artists. There are even a few dolls with English speaking voices! This Adult Animal Baby Doll Costume features an all over body pattern in pink with various spots in between. It has a cute little bow at the side and a cute little heart with an open heart shape at the center. The skirt and shirt are both removable and machine washable, and the bottom of the cute little baby doll is also washable.

Adult Animal Cosplay Womens Clothes – This one may be one of the most popular among cosplayers. A kigurumi pantyhose is perfect for wearing during any cosplay event. One would never know that the material used in making these kigurumi panties come from the real thing. This type of kigurumi clothes is great because they come in various colors, styles, and materials such as cotton, silk, nylon, and leatherette. They are comfortable and easy to take off and put on, and most adult kigurumi panties for women also have built in bra support making it easier to dress up any cosplayer in this type of kigurumi pantyhose.

Adult Animal Cosplay Womens Heels – These are another popular type of kigurumi clothes used by cosplayers. Some would say that the point of using these types of kigurumi shoes and dresses is to replicate an adult’s outfit. They look very cute and have a very distinctive design that some adult fans may find attractive Adult Lemur Onesie Pajamas There are adult heel shoes and heel boots that are perfect for displaying.

These are just a few kigurumi clothes that you can get for yourself or as a gift. If you’re looking for more adult animal costumes, be sure to check out the Cosplay Costume Guide for complete information on how to cosplay as your favorite adult animal. There’s nothing better than a good story with a beautiful ending. And if you want to have a more personalized and unique experience, check out the Cosplay Costume Guide to get an idea of what kinds of kigurumi clothes are available for your preferred character or even yourself.